WIN PURE GOLD - our latest adhesive

Win a 10ml Pure Gold adhesive, including shipping! Just in time for Summer humidity!

How to enter

1) Follow our new Instagram page: @shopurbanartistry
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Competition ends 17 September. Random names will be pulled and the winner will be announced on 18 September via social media. Winners will be personally notified via DM.

PURE GOLD - adhesive

Humidity: 40% – 70%
Temp: +/- 20 degrees
Dry time: 1-2 seconds

Do you prefer a more forgiving slightly slower drying adhesive to give you time to create PERFECTION?

In high temperatures the adhesive dries faster and you’ll potentially suffer great fallout. If you’re used to using adhesive that dries in 1 second or less, swapping to a slightly slower drying (1-2 sec) glue will help eliminate the brush offs caused by fast adhesive becoming even faster due to the weather conditions.

As the temperature rises, we often find that our lash adhesives can begin to misbehave! The rise in temperatures can cause lash glues to act strangely, resulting in poor retention, and FRUSTRATION! If you’re used to working with a fast drying adhesive, for example 0.5 second, then when temperature rises the adhesive will perform even quicker, resulting in brush offs. 

High humidity means that your adhesive will dry MUCH faster than normal, which can be really detrimental to retention. Don’t forget to purchase our brand new “Retention Guide” for even MORE top tips on how to get your retention working for you!

Too impatient? Buy now: urbanartistry.co.za/product/pure-gold-adhesive

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