USB Mini Air Fan for Eyelash Extensions

USB Mini Air Fan for Eyelash Extensions

R377.20 incl. VAT

Charge this adhesive fan via USB charger. In work or change mode the light will be blue, charge in full will display a red light


This trendy lash dryer is?not?used to ?cure? the eyelashes, its used to temporarily blow fumes away if your client feels discomfort during the eyelash extensions treatment (adhesive or primer/alcohol fumes) or to dry the lashes after?foam?washing.?To complete the set and cure the eyelashes: Buy our elegant nano?mister?to ensure you are properly drying/curing the adhesive as this is the only way to reduce the incidences of lash allergies.

We love these really cute lash blowers to make your lash trolley look stylish and organised.


Black, Pink, White


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