Lash Foaming Cleanser retail use

Lash Foaming Cleanser retail use


Retail use foaming eyelash and brow cleanser for resale


NEW IMPROVED FORMULA! Our latest foaming shampoo does not contain any toxins, made from locally made all natural ingredients. Our latest secret ingredient is pure rosewater. What makes it so special? Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. This luxury foaming wash is hydrating, infused with Vitamin A and C, whilst washing away any eyeliner or residues. Vegan product, cruelty free!

Our Foaming Lash Cleanser removes makeup, oils, and protein buildups from natural lashes and extensions. This is a lash cleanser that you and your clients will love, great for retail. To Use our Lash Brush with Lash Cleanser… • Shake the bottle. • Apply 1 pump to the lash brush head. • Gently pat cleanser evenly along the lash line. • Rinse lashes with water. • Pat dry gently and brush your pretty lashes back into place!

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