Flower Glue Fanning Cup

Flower Glue Fanning Cup

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Volume lash quick fanning cups for easy fanning

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Making Russian Volume fans has never gotten easier.

If fanning lashes is a struggle for you, this item will help you become an expert in fanning. These cups have a built in glue well. The slots/slits on the side of the cups are designed to collect access glue and gather the bases of the lashes together while fanning out the tips of the lashes. Creating a perfect fan, no matter how may lashes you desire per fan.

How to use?

  1. Decant 1-2 drops of glue onto the lash cup.
  2. Pick up the lash with tweezers from the strip of lashes.
  3. Dip the lash roots into the
  4. After dipping, swipe the eyelashes into the V-shaped slit, then the lash will fan easily.
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