Disposable Adhesive Palette (5)

Disposable Adhesive Palette (5)

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Made from PVC, lightweight and convenient

Pack of 5

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*Product is 5 glue palettes/wells – adhesive not included

Applicable for: These adhesive glue wells are used for holding eyelash extension adhesive drops, pigment, ink, remover or lash primer during application of eyelash extensions ore even PMU.
Professional use eyelash extensions palette: It makes clean up a breeze: fast, easy, no mess. Perfect to fit for new lash beginners as a very tidy tool. One palette holds 26 adhesive drops. Great for those who don’t like to clean your adhesive stone after each use, helps to separate the dots from one another.
Place glue or pigment in the well, place your freshest drop in an alternative well and once the palette is used up it can be discarded. Keeps adhesive fresh (studies show this method of adhesive storage is the most effective to keep the adhesive?drop fresh as the glue well walls protect the drop)
BONUS: Volume lashing made easier! These glue wells allow you to fix broken bases, as you dip into adhesive, run the volume fan bases against the wall of the glue well which automatically fixes the problem!

Diameter: 4.6cm
Well sizes: 7x5mm
Color: Transparent

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